Current Exhibitions
GOONS: The Corporate Body

Goons began in Chicago in 2004. Starting as a streetartist he put his work all over the city. Later he found success working with companies such as Red Bull, Nike and Wrigley gum. He now works and lives in his home and studio in Vermont. 

Growing up in rural Washington state my contact with the “Outside” world was very limited. Sitting in that little cabin on a hillside with only my dad, no hot water, no phone, a black and white tv with no channels I was alone but not lonely. My imagination ran wild and in this place brands became my friends. A WD-40 can promised some connection to something greater… out there somewhere. I revisited this theme with what I’ve taken in since and the larger works are the result. 

The smaller works were created in Florida, summer of 2022. Finding elements at thrift stores and estate sales. I reflected the atmosphere of warm air and and palm trees in an ever abstracting way. 

The work is created in a very jazz-interpretive dance type way. Using whatever is around I allow the work unfold as the impulses suggest. Sometimes taking a break for days and revisiting with a totally new direction. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at the work and extrapolate the meaning it might give to you.  

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