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How to get to Wave Space

Wave Space Studio is located in the Screw Factory Building at 13000 Athens Ave Lakewood Ohio. It’s a huge building and easy to get lost. We have signs up in the building to help you out.

We are located on the North-west side of the building. The closest entrance to the studio is the west entrance. Its by a big smoke stack and the gate next to the driveway has a sign that says ‘art studios’. You will see a loading dock and a big garage door up a ramp with a yellow rail. Go into the door to the left of the garage door. Once inside, you will see a big elevator. If you need assistance with the elevator you can give us a call. Otherwise, the stairs are through the door next to the elevator. Go all the way up to the third floor. Walk out into the hallway and you should see signs for Wave Space. We are down the hallway to the left.

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