past exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Color Me In! An exhibition by Jihad C Dennis
September 1- October 9 2022

Personal Truths: A Youth Social Justice Exhibition
July 23- August 30th

Students from Northeast Ohio workshopped ideas on social justice issues that were important to them. They worked with Christa from Art-C to develop a project and wrote abstracts to explain the meaning behind the artwork they created.

What matters to youth? Listen, view, and experience these Cleveland area middle school/high school voices in this thought-provoking art exhibition. Art for Resistance Through Change (A.R.T.-C.), a nonprofit community arts-based organization committed to promoting diversity, equity, justice, and activism through artmaking, and Wave Space Gallery are PROUD to support this powerful art. This exhibition addresses what youth deem SIGNIFICANT: realities facing Black and Brown youth, children with learning differences, the LGBTQIA+ community, domestic violence, love and family, mental health, foster care, institutionalization, mass incarceration, grief, and other significant issues.






Don’t Look Now: The Great Escape Artist by Heather Molecke
April 1st – April 30th

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